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Mapletree Farm is a grassroots effort to revive organic agriculture in India. As a nation we are losing farmers at a rapid rate. It is estimated that hundreds of farmers leave their jobs daily and migrate to cities or towns in order to find better income. Cheap and unfair food prices, is one reason for losing farmers. Many farmers are also destroying our lands through heavy use of chemicals and poor tillage practices.

By supporting us, you are contributing to a cause of training organic farmers and protecting organic farmland. We help train people from villages and cities to become strong and very skilled organic farmers with the right attitude, and hope they will each train and influence several farmers in their lifetime.


acres of land under cultivation


varities of vegetables grown


people working to sustainably grow food


satisfied families eating our produce

Farm to Kitchen

We are the first large scale farm to table suppliers supplying fresh produce directly from the farm to Bangalore homes.
We supply organic produce to several prominent communities six days a week.

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