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Total Number of orders : {{inventory_usage.num_orders}} (for the period {{inventory_usage.report_start_date}} to {{inventory_usage.report_end_date}})


S.No Description Category Ordered Qty Delivered Qty Final price
{{$index+1}} {{item.description}} {{item.category}} {{item.quantity}} {{item.packed_quantity}} {{item.total_price}}

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Order(s) for {{order_select.order_id}}{{order_select.order_id}}   from   {{}}{{}}   of   {{user_id_mapping[order_select.uid].name}}

Name Community Door No Mobile Bill Value User Balance Order State Modified At
{{$index+1}} {{}} {{}} {{user.door_number}} {{}} ₹ {{user.total_price}} ₹ {{user.balance}} {{user.state}} {{user.last_update_at | date:'d/M/yyyy HH:mm:ss'}}
Total Invoice amount {{order.total_invoice}}
Description Rate Unit Quantity Price Packed Quantity Show orders Final Price
{{$index+1}} {{row.description}} {{row.rate}} {{row.unit}} {{row.quantity}} ₹ {{row.price}} {{row.packed_quantity}} ₹ {{price(row.rate, row.packed_quantity)}}
Clear Packed Quantity Sub Total ₹{{totalPrice(false)}} ₹{{totalPrice(true)}}
Fill Packed Quantity     {{error_pq}} Discount {{}}
Grand Total ₹{{totalPrice(true) -}}
Order State Created At Modified At Modified By
{{order.state}} {{order.created_at | date:'d/M/yyyy HH:mm:ss'}} {{order.last_update_at | date:'d/M/yyyy HH:mm:ss'}} {{order.last_modified_by}}

Customer Instructions



This order has been delivered.



After you add an item to the order or cancel order, it is automatically saved. Do not use 'Packing' button shown here for add item / cancel, because it is for packing team.

You can click on 'Packing' button during packing process, to save the packed quantity information, and can be used any number of times.

Once the order is completely packed and is final you should press the "Deliver" button. Please note that "Deliver" button will trigger an email to the customer. So press the "Deliver" button only when delivery truck has left.

User new order

Customer: {{}}, Community: {{}}

Mobile: {{}}, Email: {{}}

Shopping status for customer : {{user_new_order.shop_open ? 'Yes':'No'}}

Order ID : {{user_new_order.order_id}}

State : {{user_new_order.state}}

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The users list is hidden for you to add order. When you add order / close / cancel above, the user list will be shown.

Name Phone Email Balance Door No:
{{$index+1}} {{}} (Blocked) {{}} {{}} {{}} ₹ {{row.balance}}/- {{row.door_number}}


Name Phone Balance Allow -ve Override Registered Last Trans Last Order date
{{$index+1}} {{}} (Blocked) {{}} {{}} ₹ {{row.balance}}/- {{row.allownegative?'Yes':'No'}} {{row.adminoverride?'Yes':'No'}} {{row.created_at | date:'d/M/yyyy'}} {{row.last_activity_at | date:'d/M/yyyy'}} {{row.last_order_batch | date:'d/M/yyyy'}}



SKU ItemsAdd SKU Item


Item Name Category HSN code SKU code Unit Price Availability
{{$index+1}} {{row.sku_item_name}} {{row.sku_category}} {{row.sku_hsn_code}} {{row.sku_code}} {{row.sku_unit}} {{row.is_available_str}}

HSN Codes Master List Add HSN Code


HSN Code HSN Name Explanation GST Rate code Rates
{{$index+1}} {{row.hsn_code}} {{row.hsn_name}} {{row.explanation}} {{getGSTRate(row.gst_rate_code)}}

GST Rates Master List Add GST Rate


GST Rate Code Rate Name Bill display Notes Active code IGST SGST CGST
{{$index+1}} {{row.gst_rate_code}} {{row.rate_name}} {{row.bill_name}} {{row.notes}} {{row.igst_rate}} {{row.sgst_rate}} {{row.cgst_rate}}

SKU Categories List Add Category


Category Name Display order Notes
{{$index+1}} {{row.category_name}} {{row.notes}}

Update SKU availability and price changes Update HSN records for GST rate changes Update GST Rate availability Update Category display order Save Changes


CommunitiesAdd Community

Name State Delivery days # Users
{{$index+1}} {{}} (inactive) {{row.state_code}} {{row.z__days_description}} {{row.users.length}} {{row.users.length}}

Customer Interactions

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Name Phone Email Community
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Customer interactions

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Customer: {{}}, Community: {{}}

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Time Channel Priority Initiator Department Follow up
{{row.interaction_at | date:'d/M/yyyy hh:mm'}} {{}} {{row.priority}} {{row.initiator_type}}: {{row.initiated_by}} {{row.department}} Edit Pinned Follow-up Pending N/A Follow-up Done

Internal ONLY

Message: {{row.message}}

External reference: {{row.external_ref}}
Order date: {{row.order_date}}
Invoice No: {{row.invoice_no}}

Application Log Messages


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Time Severity Module Action Additional Info
{{row.created_at | date:'d/M/yyyy HH:mm:ss'}} {{row.severity}} {{row.module_name}} {{row.action_name}} User: {{row.user_id}} , Order: {{row.order_date}} , Order ID: {{row.order_id}} , Invoice: {{row.invoice_no}} , Transaction Ref: {{row.transaction_id}}
Message: {{row.message}} {{row.parameters}}


Application Settings


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Settings for - {{setting_select.setting_key}}

Is Single Value
List of values
Default index
Modified by {{setting_select.last_modified_by}}
Modified at {{setting_select.last_modified_at | date:'d/M/yyyy HH:mm:ss'}}
Previous values (history)
Previous default index {{setting_select.prev_default_idx}}
Save         {{set_not_saved}}
Key Is Single Values Default Modified by Modified at
{{row.setting_key}} {{row.is_single_value}} {{row.setting_values}} {{row.is_single_value ? '' : row.setting_values[row.default_idx]}} {{row.last_modified_by}} {{row.last_modified_at | date:'d/M/yyyy HH:mm:ss'}}